Euro Coinholder for coin sorting, handling, storing and dispensing.

Perfect way to handle change money.


In Europe the Euro Coinholder has over 300 000 users; most of them are bus/taxi drivers, railway/tram/ferry ticket collectors, private car drivers, waiters/waitresses, shopkeepers, market/flea market sellers. It is also an excellent and clearly visible business gift for sales promotion purposes.


Coinholder includes five tubes for the following coins: 2 EURO, 1 EURO, 50 CENT, 20 CENT and 10 CENT.

EURO Coinholder is made of polyamide. It is light, handy, portable and very strong. It is easy to fix on to the payment table on vehicles or on belt of the waiter or driver.

We are looking for importers for our Coinholder and we are sure you realise the benefits of this Coinholder and wish you will contact us in order to get more information about our products.



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